A powerful Playstation One emulator


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AwePSX is a PSOne emulator with an impressive compatibility list, thanks to which you can enjoy tons of video games from the first Playstation directly on your Android device. And the best part is that the emulator is loaded with amazing features.

One of the best features in AwePSX is that you don't have to download any BIOS. The emulator will automatically apply a BIOS pack with which you can start playing directly on any ROM that you have saved on the memory of your device.

Other interesting features include the ability to save and load the game at any point in time (you'll have five slots for each game). You can also set up the controls according to your preferences and even modify the graphics. And, if you have an especially powerful Android deice, you can set the image quality so it's even better than the original PSX.

AwePSX is a great Playstation emulator, thanks to which you can enjoy some of the best video games ever, and all from your Android device.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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